Bulgaria is one of the oldest countries in Europe. Throughout its multi-centennial history it has gone through periods of ups and downs, of many testing periods. Geographically located on key crossroads connecting the East and West, Europe and Asia, the area of Haskovo reflects the entire history of Bulgaria. The oldest settlements excavated in the city date back to the Neolithic era (V millennium B.C.). Evidence of its long history are the numerous prehistoric, Thracian, Roman, late antique and medieval monuments found within its area.

The Regional Museum of History in Haskovo keeps over 120 million monuments of cultural heritage, many of which outstand with singularly value. Unique collections of prehistoric, ancient and medieval artefacts from ceramic, stone, iron and glass add to the rich collection of the Museum. Some of the most interesting exhibits are two rarely found cups in Bulgaria, both of the so-called "Trojan type" dating from the 1st century B.C., one of which is a symbol of the museum. The exhibition includes also extremely valuable collection of ancient and medieval coins, totalling more than 22,000 pieces. Over the years Haskovo’s Regional Museum of History has been engaged in collection, research and methodological activities in all 11 municipalities through the district of Haskovo.

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