The Murals

Tomb of Alexandrovo is one of the largest facilities of the kind discovered so far. What makes it unique, however, is the mural paintings inside. Painting covers entirely the round and rectangular chambers and a small part of the corridor. Hunting and battle scenes, as well as scenes from a funeral feast alternate with monochromatic layers and those with ornamental decoration. Images in the first chamber are predominantly monochrome or ornamental. A horse-rider occupies the space above the entrance to the central room and a footman is opposing him, apparently in a fight.

Mural paintings in the round burial chamber outstand in diversity and richness. It is adorned with six horizontal zones in vertical sequence. Two of them have figural decoration. Best reserved is the belt zone displaying hunting scenes. Images of horsemen are particularly important because of their scientific value. The horsemen are dressed in tunics, some wear pants. They are armed with spears and swords. The forms of weapons add to the knowledge about Thracian weaponry and warfare.

The horse figures and extremely detailed detail harness are impressive are presented, which according to the colour feature gold, silver and bronze applications. Their positioning on, saddles and chest is essential for the interpretation of horse-riding sets already known. Labrys-shaped decorations (as a double ax) in decorate the space Over the horse heads.

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